EuroCD2017-The 5th European Cyclodextrin Conference will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, October 3 - 6, 2017.Chair, Organizing Committee: prof. Helena Cabral Marques. Abstract submission deadline: Wednesday, April 14th 2017, 23:59 [UTC+00:00].


ICS18-The 18th International Cyclodextrin Symposium will be held at the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA, May 18-21, 2016. Visit the web site for further details. Abstarcts are continuously received until May 14, 2016.


EUROCD2015-A conference organized by the European Cyclodextrin Society in Lille, France October 6 - 9th, 2015. Abstarct Deadline: May 17, 2015.


EUROCARB18-The 18th European Carbohydrate Symposium is Organized in Moscow, Russia, August 2-5, 2015. Abstract Deadline: April 14, 2015.


EMBO Conference Tuberculosis 2016- "Interdisciplinary research on tuberculosis and pathogenic mycobacteria" Paris, September 19-23, 2016.